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McKIMMEY LAW OFFICE is one of the leading small law firms in the Shawnee, Oklahoma area, with a Statewide practice in all State and Federal Courts.

Shawnee, OK

McKIMMEY LAW OFFICE is a general practice law firm. Our expertise includes Probate, Wills, Trusts, Real Estate, preparation of legal documents and plesdings.

Our Internet Services Department offers several limited services to people who do not feel they need legal advice or consultation with an attorney - but do want properly completed pleadings, instruments and documents.

The Technology of the Internet offers a means of providing a quick and inexpensive means of preparation of documents and instruments you need which comply with the laws of the state of Oklahoma.

We do not purport to be experts in the laws of all 50 states, nor do we offer to prepare any pleadings, instruments or documents for use in any state except the State of Oklahoma.

The Law provides that an individual may appear Pro Se ( for yourself, without an attorney ) in many Court Proceedings.

- It is not recommended that you ever ewepresent yourself in litigation, and your interest is best served by having an attorney with you in Court.

Appearing in Court Without an Attorney is much like being up a creek without a paddle!

See - Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

See - What do I Do If I Get Sued?

Most Courts prefer you have an attorney, but if you feel that you do not want an attorney, but need help in preparing a limited number of Court documents we do provide limited services.


These Services do not include Attorney Representation on any matter.

These Services do not include Attorney Advice on the use of any of the pleadings, instruments or documents we prepare.

These Services include only the preparation of the Documents and Pleadings.

Oklahoma Residents Only

Although we do not prepare Wills On-Line, We do Welcome Your Questions concerning the drafting of your Last Will & Testament.


Many Times we are able to get all of the information on the phone or by E-Mail which may be necessary for us to prepare a first draft for your approval.

If You would Like to receive a Simple questionaie which you may fill out which provides the basic information for preparation of your Will - Click Here and request Will Check-List.

We Will Send the Questionaire written in Word Perfect 12 as an attachment to our Response to Your Request.


Court Pleadings


All Pleadings must be filed in the Court by you, in your own name - not that of any attorney.

You will be responsible for:

  • Filing all Pleadings with the appropriate Court

  • Payment of all costs and fees

  • All service of Process.

  • Mailing of all notices.

  • Obtaining Judge's signature on any pleadings requiring his signature.

  • Setting any Hearing Dates required.

  • Payment of all costs as required.

  • Receiving all Notices directly from the Court.

  • Responding to all Notices Received from the Court.

  • Receiving all Notices from any attorneys associated in the case.

  • Responding to all Notices from any attorneys associated in the case.
You will also be required to prepare and file all subsequent documents or pleadings required - and you must arrange for, and personally attend All Court Appearances.


Filing Fees - Schedule
What the Court Clerk Will Charge You to File

Non Court Documents & Instruments


  • You will be responsible for obtaining all signatures necessary on any document

  • You will be responsible for having documents notarized where such notarization is required.

  • You will be responsible for having documents filed or recorded in the appropriate offices.

  • You will be responsible for paying all costs, fees, taxes or other expenses required to accomplish the purpose of the document or instrument. i.e., recording cost of deeds, plus the costs of documentary stamps.



Before getting involved in litigation without an attorney you should take advantage of an initial consultation offerred by most attorneys of your choosing!

See - FAQ - Why are Legal Costs So Expensive?

See - Schedule of Fees & Services



thumb - Never attempt to represent yourself if the other side has an attorney - or is likely to have one.

Although you may feel confident to handle your own lawsuit at the beginning - Once an attorney enters an appearance on the other side, you need to retain an attorney to represent you from that point to the conclusion of the matter.


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